The Dead Zone

When I was young and someone I considered good would die, I would ask my mum why it had to be them dying and not the bad people in the world. My mum would tell me that God was giving the bad people some time to be good and He had taken the good ones because He didn’t want their ways to get corrupted and become bad too. That was a satisfactory answer then.

I have done some growing up and every time I think I’ve finally overcome the fear of death, and it hits close to home, I’m finally reminded that some time sooner or later, it will be be my time to go. With growing, I’ve learnt that this is a path we will all walk and as much as we try, there is no running away from it. That good or bad, we shall all be dead. Also, no one is 100% bad or good but a mixture of both, existing in the same person showing up at different time to different people so that, when we finally cross over, even that person you thought was the worst, will be mourned because they were the best to someone else.

Death has mastered the art of creeping up on us when we least expect it. No family is ever prepared for its coming so it comes by, destabilises them and leaves behind broken people.

In the face of death, the seemingly strong become weak. The seemingly calm and composed lose their calm and composure. The seemingly loud lose their words; because that’s what death does, it robs people of an important part of them. It changes the equations we’ve grown accustomed to. The sting of death is one that never leaves, no matter the number of years lived after it visited.

As a christian I believe in life after death. So, when mourning I am consoled knowing that although this body will perish, someday I will be reconciled with all the people I lost and in the land yonder, in a new body, we won’t experience the pain of death again. Finally we shall exclaim, oh death, where is your sting! Because death shall not rule over us again. But for now, in this present body which perishes, we allow ourselves grieve. We allow ourselves to mourn and pray that the pain of living with the permanent loss death brings our way becomes bearable with time

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